Wei Song's web space

Ongoing project

Randomized caches

Tagged memory

  • Using hardware implemented tagged memory to protect systems from control-flow hijacking attacks.

System security benchmark

  • Produce a benchmark to test the security safety of a system (inclusing OS, compiler and hardware).

High throughput sorting

Past projects

lowRISC open-source SoC

  • The lowRISC platform aims to be the "Linux of the hardware world", providing a high quality, secure, and open base for derivative designs. We will prove our design with volume silicon manufacture and an accompanying low-cost development board. Our goal is to lower the barrier of entry to producing custom silicon, establishing a vibrant ecosystem around secure and open hardware designs. lowRISC was formed as a not-for-profit community-driven organisation to pursue these aims.
  • https://www.lowrisc.org/
  • github.com/lowrisc/lowrisc-chip

Asynchronous Verilog Synthesiser




Asynchronous Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) Router

  • Hardware designs of asynchronous SDM routers using Nangate 45nm cell library. Gate-level, synthesisable netlist written in Verilog HDL. SystemC testbenches and synthesis scripts for Synopsys DC provided.
  • opencores.org/project,async_sdm_noc